Learning the difference between Sterling and Britannia Silver

Overview of Sterling Silver

Fine, or pure silver is often too soft to produce functional silverware items, so the metal is usually combined with another (often copper, although other metals are used) to give it strength while preserving the natural beauty of the metal.

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals. You will find sterling silver can be identified as it will have the numbers 925 stamped onto it to show the 92.5% purity value.

History of Silver

It is often difficult to locate where Sterling silver began, however it is thought that around 3100BC ambassadors from Crete bought gifts such as sterling silver vases to give to the pharaohs of Egypt. So from the early days of history silver was used to make ornamental and functional pieces; including vases, cups and jewellery.

Popular Silverware

One of the popular and functional items of silverware to be produced are silver tea sets and tea services. Such tea sets date back to the Ming Dynasty 1368-1644AD. In the late 1600’s tea became more readily available to Europe, however tea sets where not introduced until 1700’s. People had then started to add milk and sugar to tea hence the use of a full tea set. The tea set then comprised of a teapot, sugar bowl and cream jug (creamer) became available when the price of tea reduced to make this a more affordable drink , and made it available to the masses.

Britannia Silver

As you may already be aware one of the most popular and more collectable types of silver is English Sterling. There other silver standards out there which silversmiths can create their wonderful silverware from, one of which is Britannia silver.

Introduced by parliament back in 1697 Britannia silver (95.84% – Britannia silver is a combined of 958 parts pure silver and 42 parts copper) was introduced to be the standard that actually replaced sterling silver (92.5%) as the mandatory standard for items of wrought plate. The decision to do this was made as many people were melting sterling silver coinage and making silverware so this new, higher standard was brought in to counter act this.

Hallmarking of Britannia Silver

The change to this higher standard also meant a change in hallmarking to represent these Britannia silver items. To denote Britannia silver the lion passant, (which denotes sterling silver) was replaced by the seated figure of a lady, known as Britannia holding an oval shield, which denotes silver of this standard. This is often accompanied by the lion erased (profile of lions head) which substituted the crowned leopard head.

1999 saw another change in hallmarking, and Britannia silver is now denoted with the superior fineness mark of 958 with the option to also use the Britannia icon.

The decline in Britannia silver

Silversmiths didn’t seem to be too happy with the introduction of this new silver and lobbied to get sterling silver re introduced. Britannia silver was more expensive, slightly softer and less robust. The silversmiths won and sterling silver was re-introduced on 1st June 1720. Britannia didn’t fade away however and has remained as an alternative to sterling silver for silvermiths.

Many silversmiths still used Britannia silver to make some impressive pieces favouring this higher purity silver material to sterling silver. It is often difficult to find good quality, old Britannia marked silver pieces, due to this they are rare and collectible, the also therefore command a slightly higher price.

When buying silver teapots there are a lot of things to consider such as, which type of silver to collect. This is why it is always important to purchase your antique silver pieces from a professional and registered silver dealer.

Silver Jewellery As a Gift For Your Dear & Near Ones

The festive season is a time to spend with your loved ones, but more importantly it is a time for exchanging love, gifts, etc. Appreciating your loved ones and investing time to select presents for them is really a challenging task.

But, today available online stores are definitely the go-to place when you are looking for an enormous present for your loved ones, as they feature a huge range of your desire jewellery.

Since, there are many items which you can gift but jewellery made from silver is the most excellent option. As famous for its luster and shine silver jewellery can make anybody’s special day a memorable one. As well as being multipurpose, ensuring there is something to gratify to all ages and tastes, silver jewellery has the mysterious and unquestionable ability to show how much you think about your dear ones.

Some of the silver jewellery gift ideas from the 2016 online collection are;

For “ka” (Men)

I believe that buying a gift for men is not a tough task, because there are few options in jewellery for men.

Let’s start with the hero of your life i.e. your Dad. He will appreciate a silver jewellery gift which is high in quality as he never loves to compromise with the quality. In this regard collection of men’s watches is the best option for the gift.

Next, for your better half or for your dear brother; a silver ring will surely compliment his maleness with a touch of style. But, if they are crazy for formal look and love to attire formals then pair of cufflinks or tie pins can come in your gift list.

Apart of watches or rings, if you want to experiment your gift ideas for men you can also present them with a silver chain with or without the pendant or silver bracelets.

For “ki” (women)

Women love jewellery and most of them are crazy for diamonds. But, it is not necessary that every time we can afford diamonds for her. So in this regard CZ jewellery is the most affordable yet lovely looking option for gifts.

The most up-to-date trends in jewellery built-up make it possible to make synthetic diamonds or Cubic Zirconia as they’re known which have the same sparkle and look as real diamonds in someone budget.

When you are buying for the women of your life you must take care of her preferences and choice. If you have to check her jewellery box don’t hesitate as you should select best for her.

If you are picking jewellery for your mother you should be simple and elegant in your selection. You can choose single silver bangle, bracelet or elegant necklace.

Selecting a gift your sister will depend on her age and sense of fashion. If you’re not certain what to gift her, sterling silver bracelet which she can then accessorize by adding her own and original fashion statements.

I guess the above suggestions for presenting silver jewellery as a gift will help you. But, if you are still undecided of that your loved ones can get from you on this festive season then, visit the available and known online stores like silgo for the same.

Gold Jewellery Online – Stunning And Popular Choice For Today’s Women

While buying gold jewellery online, conventional choice is 18 karat yellow gold jewellery. But, this is an ever-evolving and dynamic field. It has several options available on online jewellery shopping websites. Diverse choices and a wide array of designer collections are perfect for a fascinating online jewellery shopping spree. So, if you are looking for gold jewellery online, here is a myriad of choices available.


Today’s jewellery designers offer more than the traditional yellow gold jewels. Explore the different shades of gold. They are perfect for scintillating pieces of fashion jewellery. Yellow gold is the most common colour for jewellery online, but you can also indulge in colours like:

• Rose gold
• White gold
• Pink gold

These unique and unorthodox colours enhance the personality. The multi-coloured gold is a perfect metal for fashion jewellery online. Rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets in different colours of gold are available on online jewellery shopping websites. So, buy fascinating jewellery online in India and flaunt away.


While buying gold jewellery online, jewellery is available in 9 karat, 14 karat and 18 karat gold. So, while buying gold jewellery online in India, you must give a due consideration to few practical details:

• Will the jewellery be an everyday wear or a jewel for occasions?

• How different colours seem with the different in their karat weight? 18 carat yellow gold has the rich yellow golden sparkle. 9 karat rose gold jewel has the deep red colour and a darker texture that lends an avant-garde yet extravagant look to the ornaments. White gold looks same in spite of the carat weight since they all have a rhodium plating finish.

• What is your budget for this purchase?


Different themes have dominated the field of golden ornaments. Floral and auspicious themes exude the elegance and femininity traditional Indian ornaments stand for. But, there are exquisite and imaginative geometric shapes and gravity-defying contemporary designs. They are known for the modern and stylish expressions. Each trinket is beautiful in its own way. But, design is a subjective choice.

Surprisingly, each jewel is perfect for different occasions and outfits. So, you can buy different gold rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles or earrings for a right occasion. Subtlety of white gold and extravagant glitter of 18 karat yellow gold can stand out on a right occasion. They accentuate your beauty unquestionably. Soak into their magic as you search online for the perfect trinket. Diverse choices and simple online buying process do not hide the passion and glamour of these stunning jewels.

The Benefits of Buying Costume Jewelry Online

Costume jewelry is in vogue these days. Whether typically Indian designs or modern trinkets, you can find a huge range of such ornaments on the web-stores and physical shops in the market. If you are fond of matching your trinkets with your apparel, you must check out the options to buy jewelry online as several e-stores offer its most fashionable versions at reasonable rates.

Also known as fashion jewelry or fake jewelry, such ornaments are made with different types of materials like beads, plastic, metals and even glass. From the traditional Indian heavy Kundan sets to the modish rings and earrings online, you can view thousands of designs and make your selections.

Web Holds the Widest Variety

The web stores have no space limitation. As such they carry hundreds and even thousands of patterns of jewelry to provide a wide choice to the consumers. No matter if you are just interested in buying a cocktail ring, you will get to choose from several designs by visiting just a couple of e-shops. This is a great benefit that is only possible with web-based shopping. When you have to shop for a small piece of ornament from the brick and mortal stores, you often get tired by just visiting two or three shops but in case of e-bazaars, browsing through all the various options is a real fun.

You Get to Enjoy the Best Prices

When you buy jewelry online in India, you get to enjoy the best rates. E-shops have lesser maintenance expenses and this encourages them to offer wider discounts. You can easily compare the prices of artificial jewels in different portals and select the most value-efficient deal. The online shops also keep running special stock clearance sales that allow you to get your trinkets at even better prices. Apart from that, you can also look for the combo offers that may include a combination of two or three items of your choice. The combo deals provide smarter savings.

Free, Timely and Safe Shipping

Online shopping of jewelry provides you the convenience to make your selections from the comfort of your home and get your stuff delivered for free within 3 to 5 days. Even the most delicate items are packed carefully and handed over to you safely. So it is just a matter of few clicks and you get the desired ornaments without any hassle of going out after a hectic day at work or burning your fuel. Sit at home, relax and enjoy your order!

Return or Exchange of Wrong Choices

The advanced e-shops are good enough to provide you a realistic virtual view of the products. However, we are humans and it is pretty common for us to make a wrong choice. This can be problematic when you are shopping for jewels from the shops out there as only very few merchants welcome exchange or return of goods once sold. The scenario is altogether different with online shopping. Here you can exchange or even return the purchased stuff within 30 days of purchase without any hassle.

Whether it is online shopping site in Mumbai or in any other part of the country, it is a delight for the latest jewelry lovers.

Make Your Purchasing Right Choice of Artificial Jewellery Online India

ewelry is every individual desired one by both men and women. In the worldwide, most of the individual main desire to purchase a lot of jewelry collections to make themselves attractive and rich. The jewelries used for various purposes like wedding, gifts, etc. You can easily purchase the jewelries through both the marketplace and online. Now, only few people use the marketplace to buy the jewelries. In the trendy world, the majority of the individual use the online store to buy their desired jewelry collections at their desired price. The online is the best destination and contains huge sorts of jewelries only at affordable price. In Indian region, most of the individuals show their eagerness in purchasing the artificial jewelry. The artificial jewelry is the cheap and easier for all to purchase and make your own style of wearing desired jewelries. The artificial jewellery online india have largest collections of artificial jewelries like rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, necklace, chains, etc. Besides, there are many branded jewelries accessible at the online store for your best purchasing jewelry.

Benefits of purchasing through online:-

The artificial jewellery online India provides various benefits mainly high quality, affordable price, numerous collections, discount offers, etc. If you need to purchase jewelry for your special occasion or other birthday party; you may use the online store for the best one and get various special benefits for every purchasing. The online store reveals the modern jewelry collections and offer only at an affordable price. It also contains the largest collections of tradition jewelry and custom jewelry at wholesale price. You can easily pick without any difficulty; here all the jewelries fit and apt for you. Whatever, you need in the jewelry purchasing; you surely meet your requirements and achieve the satisfaction more. That your selective purchasing jewelry makes everyone eyes on your precious and attractive jewelry. You can attract everyone through the online store modern jewelry collections and make your attending special occasion as a memorable one. You will emerge different and unique in the photograph and not even a single men and women forget to see your elegant look. You don’t need to put any makeup things while you wearing this online artificial jewelry. It enhances your nature beauty and makes you as a glowing moon.

Beautiful designs in artificial jewelry:-

Only, the online store contains the wide range of chic designs at all sort of jewelries items. Most of the women mainly purchase ring items and necklace items. Here, the professional craftsmen design the entire collections of jewelry items with their own unique and modern designs. The main aim of the craftsmen formulates jewelry to attract the buyer and achieve their satisfaction. When you enter the online store you may feel the real artificial jewelry with attractive designs and fine look. When you start visiting the online store and you don’t leave out from the site because of the modern collections of jewelry items pull your concentration to spend long time on this. In India, the artificial jewelry achieves the big sale for all purposes and now all the individuals use the online store to meet their needs. The designs of the jewelry shows the special work made on the chosen jewelry. It is suitable for all your special occasion and you can emerge from the old fashion to modern fashion through you wearing tradition artificial jewelry. Spend some duration at the online store to purchase the rare collection of artificial jewelry items at low price and achieve the high quality products. Style on your own by wearing best jewelry and make fit for your outfit.

Benefits of Having Some Attractive Accessory Collection in Your Wardrobe

Most of the women are fascinated about the sensational jewelleries and those are created to fulfil the women’s fascination about attractive ornaments. They want to experiment on various types of design to motivate them for unique handmade jewellery. There is high demand of handmade jewelleries which are created in different ways. An exceptional touch of designing mesmerizes the total presentation and women who are interested to purchase some special, attractive jewellery, they have to emphasise on the procedure of selection.

Blending of perfection and creativity:

Jewellery becomes stylish through an implementation of uniqueness and perfection. A proper finishing touch is given to make a particular accessory very much. A stylish accessory symbolizes one’s attitude by mesmerizing appearance.

Follow up traditional and contemporary style:

Some jewellery designers follow up very perfect traditional and contemporary style to fulfil the demand of different customers. Each woman’s requirement is different and the ornaments are created by keeping their expectation in mind. A specialised version of jewellery designing has attracted the ornament lovers and especially women have shown their interest for those special handmade items. Different types of procedures are followed up to create the innovative collections of ornaments and if you have requirement for any specific design, then you have to be little bit serious about selection.

Gift anyone:

The semi precious, stylish colourful stone fitted and silver items are highly appreciated by the accessory lovers. Customers who like to experiment on various types of symbolical jewelleries; they can add some unique collections in their wardrobe. There is high demand of theme based jewelleries in UK and those items can be gifted easily to anyone. People who want to purchase some special items for their beloved one; they can keep their eyes on the collection of semi precious jewelleries. Those items look almost same like expensive jewellery and so, it is not always necessary to expense much for stylish jewellery. Now, the purchasers have an opportunity to fulfil their desire for shopping some exclusive but reasonable jewellery. A woman can make her own style statement by wearing special, innovative and creative jewellery at an affordable price.

Consider the items as a significant party wear:

There is high demand of semi precious jewelleries because it is not possible to purchase the expensive items always. So, semi precious ornaments are substitute presentations which are affordable for the customers. Women have indulged themselves for purchasing the semi precious items as they can wear them very easily in a gorgeous party. Those accessories are attractive enough to define a woman’s style sense and they can enrich their beauty or presentation in this way. Women of UK are fascinated about the creation of different types of accessories and so, they can get one of the best options of jewellery shopping online. Leeds is a significant place where different types of innovative jewelleries are created for the customers. Inhabitants of this significant place can avail very attractive, unique ladies jewellery in Leeds.

Shop online:

One can shop some exclusive items online because many jewellery stores are available there to facilitate the customers. It is easy to shop your preferred items online as you can place your order anytime. The jewellery collections are presented there to attract the customers and they are highly fascinated by those special collections of ornaments. So, women who are interested to experiment on the semi precious but stylish collections, they are most welcome to add some special collections in their wardrobe.

Buy Watches in Indianapolis to Start Your Watch Collection

Watches are one of the most popular gift choices. Especially when it comes to men’s watches, they are the easiest solution to gifting. So, chances are that you might have been receiving them since high-school, on your wedding or any other special event for that matter. If you have many watches lying around; or if you really appreciate being presented with one, then you can very well start building a watch collection. And the best place to start your hunt is Indianapolis because of all the variety that its markets have to offer.

The best luxury watches collections are a mix of vintage, funky, modern and fashionable. It doesn’t matter when you start but if you do, you can always start with what you already own or are planning to discard. Having a variety of pieces from over the years will make it fun and versatile.

You need not start splurging for a good collection.
You are investing your time into something that you are passionate about. So, spending mindlessly on the same is not such a good idea. Owning a million limited edition watches does not mean you are a good collector. It is all about being natural and appreciating the little details that make up every watch.

If it is your hobby, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it.
Once you start collecting, you shouldn’t stop wearing them. In fact, owning a larger collection means that you can show off a new watch almost every other day.

Keep all of them in running order.
A good collector always keeps a close eye on every watch. Replace the batteries on time, clean them and fix them if they stop working right.

Shop for luxury watches occasionally.
You would get to surprise yourself when you buy watches in Indianapolis. That is because of the beautiful options you can find. Though a little pricey, these are ideal for moments when you feel like rewarding yourself.

Be informed about the best brands to buy and places to shop.
Do not blindly buy every watch that appears to be luxurious. Staying informed and updated with the good watch brands would ensure that you are investing in the proper items.

You can also connect with other collectors and have a look at their collections. It is always fun to exchange or display the valuables that you have been presented with or have bought yourself.

Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry: Hot Favorite Choice of Rap Artists and Youths

Hip Hop diamond jewelry, commonly known as Bling Bling jewelry, has been a first choice of rap artists, fashion conscious youths and those who want to keep pace with time and the latest fashion. Such exclusive jewelry is considered as the symbol of success, incomparable style and this is the main reason that a large percentage of youths from all parts of the world prefer hip hop jewelry nowadays. Big fascinating diamonds, heavy gold and platinum chains, flashy belts, watches with large cases, exclusive pendants and earrings are typical of trendy Hip Hop jewelry.

Needless to say, it has been in trends over past decade and since then carving a special niche among fashionable people. Available in different forms, shapes, sizes and diamond colors, Hip Hop diamond jewelry can also be customized according to your requirements and choice using various precious metals with high quality of sparkling diamonds that will attract people’s attention wherever you are. The team of professionals of ItsHot appreciates every customer and understands the importance of custom made Bling Bling jewelry as each piece of such jewelry is the embodiment of unique style, special way of life, world concept and exceptional personality. That’s why experienced professionals and goldsmiths create the best Bling Bling jewelry you are dreaming of and pay great attention to each particular order. Versatility and the accentuated fashion statement made by Hip Hop diamond jewelry stands the wearers apart from the crowd and make them a center of attraction wherever they go. Real Hip Hop diamond jewelry is expensive because of the use of large diamonds that are set on expensive metals. But a number of renowned jewelers have also found out the right solution for this and have come up with small stones that make Hip Hop jewelry affordable for everybody.

Go local to buy Hip Hop Diamond jewelry at Affordable Price

When it comes to buy Hip Hop diamond jewelry, it is very easy now. However, most of the people prefer to go local to the selected and reliable diamond jewelry store. But there are also a number of people who prefer to buy it from the comfort of home and search for a reliable online store. ItsHot is known for safe and secure delivery of diamond jewelry: this company uses such reputable shipping companies as FedEx and UPS and ships all packages insured with signature confirmation. Moreover, this store allows you to use different payment methods so you can select the right one according to your needs. Purchasing online with ItsHot.com is a very convenient, safe and hassle-free way to buy fabulous Hip Hop jewelry of your dream.

Most of the renowned diamond jewelry stores have a huge collection of hip hop diamond jewelry and real gold diamond Bling Bling iced out jewelry for both men and women. These stores are also the diamond jewelry manufacturers and are able to offer the lowest wholesale price possible on jewelry. Right from diamond rings to diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, diamond pendants, necklaces, to gold chains, different types of jewelry can easily be purchased from a selected store. You can even also customize your jewelry using different patterns of fancy color diamonds and create your own unique and incomparable piece of jewelry.

Hip Hop Jewelry Reflecting the Style Statement of Celebrities

Hip hop is the most popular and stylish range of jewelry that marked its beginning in the year 1970s as the extended trend of hip hop culture and fashion. One can find this jewelry in wide variety, from simple and elegant to outrageous and lustrous. Due to the immense popularity and expensive price this hip hop jewelry has become a symbol of wealth and prestige. Most of the celebrities and sports persons are found crazy of hip hop jewelry and they mostly adore themselves with this highly fashionable range of jewelry pieces. Fashion conscious people can opt for their desired piece of hip hop jewelry as there is huge variety of hip hop jewelry available in the market.

Hip hop jewelry is a status symbol of wealth and prestige. Many hip hop artists adorn themselves in designer fashion brands and glitzy jewelry to symbolize and celebrate their journey to success. This flashy and extravagant jewelry is mostly adorned by celebrities and eminent personalities to celebrate their success in their respective field. The basic objective behind people wearing this jewelry has always remained the same and that is to look classy and glamorous. Hip hop jewelry is often termed as unique and expensive that holds the attention of fashion enthusiast and of new generation.

There are extensive variety of hip hop jewelry that has the potential to satisfy the jewelry craze of every men and women. One can find huge variety of hip hop jewelry from big gold chain to iced out chains and crosses. Some of the other hip hop jewelry that are quite popular among the young generation and fashion conscious people include hip hop pendants, LED belt buckles, iced out platinum jewelry, spinner watches, and tags etc. These jewelries items can be made up of different material like platinum, gold, and silver and the designs, shape and size can vary. Platinum and gold hip hop jewelry are expensive than silver hip hop jewelry. Some of the hip-hop jewelry pieces are also studded with precious crystals and stones like diamond and pearl.

Hip hop jewelry can be easily differentiated from other jewelry due to certain features and characteristics. One of the vital features associated with hip hop jewelry is the imaginary sound bling bling that is created when light is reflected on the diamond. Hence, this jewelry is also referred as bling-bling jewelry and some of their other features include attractive, flashy, outrageous, lustrous, and extravagant. The popular trend of hip hop jewelry has caught up not only with celebrities but also with the common man as well. Common people might not feel comfortable buying this hip hop jewelry but they can certainly go for imitation hip hop jewelry.

Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry: Representing the Bling Bling Culture at its Best

If you have ever come across the bling bling culture, the sight of diamond hip hop jewelry would instantly capture your mind. Since 80’s diamond hip hop jewelry has swooned the world and has been an imperative form of diamond jewelry for the fashion savvy who want to leave no stone unturned in giving their personality a lustful appearance.

Much credit to the unprecedented rise of this exclusive form of exuberant diamond jewelry must go to the eminent personalities of the music world such as Eminem, 50 Cents, Snoop Dogg and more. Having flaunted diamond hip hop jewelry in all their music videos, interviews, red carpet events and concerts, all of them have played their roles quintessentially in popularizing this amazing jewelry in the global arena. At present, diamond hip hop jewelry is adorned by the most fashion conscious people and it indeed gives them a stunning look, to be adored by all and sundry.

Alongside leaving the wearers with a swanky appeal, diamond hip hop jewelry also speaks in high volumes of their wealth and opulence. Though this impressive form of jewelry can be had in all the affordable and high price ranges, still when it comes to defining one’s royal stature, prices holds the second post, with style, dominating the driver’s seat. As a further icing to the cake, the astounding iced out look of diamond hip hop jewelry itself reflects the plush standard of the wearers.

Mostly diamond hip hop jewelry is embraced by the fashionable men, but women are also not far behind in flaunting their smoking beauty through this glittering jewelry item. With widespread availability in exquisite gold, silver and platinum motifs, diamond hip hop jewelry boasts of its enthralling range of jewelry items of the likes of chains, bracelets, pendants, rings and watches.

Having a broad spectrum of all these items in unending designs and patterns also makes this jewelry to be the most craved gift item to heighten the flames of love among the lovely couples. As per one’s choice and selection, the diamond hip hop jewelry could be ordered in innumerable motifs, some of those being ornate crosses, name tags, company logos, gambling symbols and so on. Those who are desirous to flaunt their wealth and richness also love to buy this form of jewelry for themselves and for their loved ones from the most authentic traditional or online stores.