Dominican Republic – One of the Best Native Locations for Amber

Ambers are the fossilized resins that are formed from the trees. They have a huge demand all over the world due to the exquisite looks they present with the solidification of the resins over a large period of time. These are originally sticky substances that trickle down the trees. During this process, they may include certain objects like an ant or spider that gets trapped in this substance and creates a spectacle. These objects are known as inclusions and are the major elements of the attraction of Amber. It creates a spectacle like capturing a moment in history that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Found in specific regions

Amber is found at certain locations around the globe. The main regions where you will get the best quality Ambers are the Baltic regions, countries of Eastern Europe and the Dominican Republic and Poland. The Dominican amber is considered one of the best and the sourcing of this Amber has become one of the eminent trades of the region. Here you will find the best blue grade ambers. The rarest varieties of this blue grade amber are found in this country. There are many companies here who are into the business of sourcing the native amber which is in huge demand all over the globe.

Largest use in jewelry

The Amber has the largest use in the jewelry industry. The uncommon color effects the ambers produce make it so endearing to the jewelry loving ladies all over the world. These ambers are available in a huge range of colors. They are available in the hue variations of brown, yellow and orange. The blue ones of the Dominican Republic are one of the rarest varieties that fetch huge prices. The light effects are best felt when the sunlight falls on these ambers. The amazing play of light makes them so expensive and longed for.

Have excellent healing effects

Amber is also used in the perfumes. It has also been used in medicines for a long period. Wearing of amber is considered to be very good for health. It is supposed to heave immense healing power. It is supposed to be warm and on wearing it, a cooling effect is created in the human body. It can help a person get rid of the negative elements and bring back balance in the body. A person is relieved of stress and creates a sense of peace. It is particularly beneficial to persons who are disturbed mentally.

Purchase the best quality

If you are going for purchasing of amber, you can go for Dominican amber, which is supposed to among the best in the world. They are of the purest quality and getting them from reputed sellers will ensure their quality. Having a very high demand, the amber fossils are also exported to other countries. The original amber jewelry is all handmade and has a huge demand in the market. Each and every piece of jewelry is unique. But you should be ready to pay the price of the best quality products.

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What Is Rhodium Jewellery Plating? And How Much Does It Cost?

Have you heard the name Rhodium before? Well, that is a type of plating done in the Jewellery industry to increase the look, durability, and stability of platinum, white gold, and silver rings. However, the plating might wear off with time and it is essential to buy the one that has a proper plating thickness to steer discoloration and constant rework of the ring.

Couples will have to plan if they need to deal with the extra expense and time it might consume to re- plate rings continually throughout a lifetime. Also, alternatives of this plating can also be much easier and one that with time might cost less than re- plating is done annually.

Read below to know more about rhodium and the process involved to determine if this is the correct choice for your wedding rings.

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is nothing but a silver – white substance, and it is considered as a metamorphosis metal on the periodic table. It belongs to the family of platinum along with ruthenium and osmium. It is also considered as a rare and precious metal.

Depending on the market value, Rhodium is often the most costly and precious metals; an ounce is usually priced between $2500 to $3000, but the price can vary widely. Rhodium is an extremely durable metal and resistant to scratches and tarnish and its characteristics are enormously reflective to highlight.

Rhodium plating and how it is done?

Rhodium plating which is also known as rhodium flashing is a technique that costs a fine layer of the metal over platinum, white gold, and silver Jewellery to enhance their shine and performance. This technique of plating is temporary and might wear off in time. The durability depends on the usage and the thickness of the original plating. For instance, a wedding ring which is used daily might require another plate in 2 – 3 years. If the plating which was performed initially was thin, extremely, an extra plating might be needed in the next few months to 1 year.

Jewellery plating solutions and re- plating them don’t consume time and most professional jewelers provide this service.

The thickness of Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating should ideally be from 0.75 to 1.5 microns. That is, the coating must be the thickness of your hair, which is approximately hundred microns.

The cost of Rhodium plating.

To ensure quality plating at an increased thickness might cost $150 to $250 dollars. Thicker plating which might wear off in a few months might cost you around $30 to $40 dollars.

Tips for buying Rhodium plated Jewellery

Jewellery sellers and retailers are not always upfront about this metal treatment on their pieces – this is especially fact – based for sellers that specialize in cheap white gold and silver pieces of rhodium plated metal pieces such as copper and nickel. If you buy a piece accidentally that is treated with a thin layer, then you can notice it shine is dulled and becoming discolored. So to avoid such mistakes, buy a Jewellery piece that has a thick coating of rhodium.

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Get an Insight Into the Online Jewellery Shopping by Women

Every age group of women does jewellery shopping either for varied occasions, to wear at their workplaces or for young girls in their college. One can usually see that women choose the latest trends that are in fashion in recent times so that they can be the center of attraction as they walk down on any occasion. With the advent of modern technology, the procuring of superb jewellery like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, etc. have become much easier. In addition, it saves lots of time. The jewellery shopping for Women has now become comfortable, and they can choose from the wide variety of fashionable designs available in the market.

Benefit of buying Online Jewellery

The investment in the jewellery is for a lifetime, and it can be platinum, diamond or gold as it remains with you for your whole life. In many events, it is seen that the traditional and classic jewellery is passed on from one generation to another symbolizing their family traditions.

However, this is the 21st century period, so women do not have to ply to market and bargain for a number of hours with jewelers to settle for a good price. The online jewellery shopping has changed the scenario of modern-day purchases as one can have a look at varied styles and designs. Moreover, various shopping sites provide reasonable rates for the same. Here are some of its benefits:

• You can find many designer pieces at excellent prices online that are otherwise with same patterns sold in the shopping malls or the showrooms are offered at higher prices.

• While doing online shopping you will not only find good prices but also the jewellery can be purchased in your favorite pieces of diamond, platinum or gold. You can choose from varied newer designs, patterns, handcrafted products online etc., that too at great prices and at discounted rates.

• Most of the women get afraid for the jewellery they are shopping from internet especially in the case of precious metals and stones and one does not have to worry as it comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee. The jewellery has a certification that certifies that it is approved by the government, the product is 100% genuine and no defect will occur.

• If you are planning to present your near and dear ones, then also one can buy latest jewellery online from these sites preferably from their gift section. From here, one can shop for the ideal jewellery designs that are mentioned for the every age group and can be ordered in bulk too. This will help you in paying less for most of the items.

• Even the customers also get the benefit of replacement or return of the product in case of any damage, and they also get the money-back guarantee too if you are not satisfied with your product.

Lastly, it can be seen that by using the modern platform of online shopping the women have got comfort, can choose from various patterns, afford the jewellery made from precious metals and can use them for several occasions.

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Top Benefits of Shopping for Jewelry Online

Gone are the days when buying jewelry required hours spent with a marketing person who has only a handful of pieces in the store. Today, buying them online is as easy as just pick and click and the choosing at the tip of your finger dominates the offline retailers. Online shopping for jewelry that remembers your special occasions brings nothing but advantages to you as a buyer in at least 5 distinct ways.

Saves more money

Of any transaction, the price is a factor and it emerges largely when you are buying them, whether it is a costume for your kid’s school play or a diamond neck piece for a wedding present. Shopping online saves you more by giving you a detailed price information and making it easy to compare what other retailers charge for the same items. As a buyer, you can open multiple tabs in your system, each with an item you are willing to buy and directly compare prices.

Easy comparison

Searching for your favorite piece in various tabs helps in another way; it allows you to compare similar items side – by – side. This is not possible in – store shopping experience. To compare it at a traditional store, it might need some assistance and what gets shown might not represent the complete range of options. For instance, a simple gold ring comes with so many variations that no one store can fulfill your requirement. Online, finding the right piece you need is as simple as typing the keyword. Various jewelry retailers make it easy by offering a search bar on all pages. You just have to drill down their category.

Everything will be in stock

This is another area where online shopping for jewelry excels over in – store purchases is in the high probability that the piece you are looking for is in stock and ready to ship. A retailer might run of that particular piece you have set your heart on, but online jewelers are not limited to the stock.

Shopping at your own pace

Buying gold jewelry is potentially a huge – ticket purchase, and feeling rushed to purchase makes for a rewarding experience. Even if your offline store rep is being mannered, there are still a certain pressure to purchase quickly and go, which can end up to hurried decisions. This pressure is avoided when you shop online. Shopping on the web can be done in private, away from outside tension and without any sense of commitment.

Bundling orders together

Purchasing multiple items at once might be a headache in an offline store. Even if the retailer you visit, has that piece you were eying on but you might not be able to find the type of brooch or pendant you are looking for. Purchasing online gets around this situation by letting you purchase for as many pieces as you need and then bundling them together into one transaction with low shipping cost. Online retailers do offer free shipping for orders above a certain amount.

For best online jewelry in India visit Gold Regalia to view their elegant and unique jewelry pieces. Check out their famous Mangalsutra collection and kid’s jewelry pieces.

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Black Diamond Jewelries Are Intense and Mysterious

Black might be considered as dark but it is one of the most mysterious, intense and suave colors in the world of fashion and jewelry. The color draws everybody towards it with its mysterious charm and same is applicable to black diamonds. They add a decadent and dramatic touch to any piece of jewelry. These are usually paired with white, yellow gold or platinum to bring out the contrast in colors. Jewelry lovers find this particular gem to be extremely attractive and versatile too.

It forms a lovely combination with other colorful gemstones. The jewelry item becomes one of a kind and tantalizing. The precious gemstone in dark color has been used in several ornaments with architectural designs combined with sensual curves. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black diamond ring for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar to add dynamism to her photo shoot. That ring made a strong fashion statement and since then the precious gemstone has made it to the jewelry box of various celebs who like to experiment with their wardrobe.

In an excellent example of fusion cuff, the gemstone has been combined with rhodium to bring out the monochromatic chic appearance. The black diamond jewelry plays with the sharpness of rhodium and smoothness of diamond to bring out the edgy side of personality. It is an extremely versatile item as it goes well with the leather jacket, ball gown and also with a pair of battered jeans. An edgy and avant-garde designer ring could be the missing piece in your jewelry box modifying the classic black and white diamond stones combination.

If you wish to possess an entirely black diamond suite, the Turkish jewelry designers have crafted a necklace and earrings suite for you. A constellation in the form of necklace gently trickling down the neck completed with a pair of earrings representing an entire galaxy is a marvel to die for. Gothic designs use dark and mysterious colors. A solitaire engagement ring with a staggering 7 carat pear-shaped black diamond center stone makes the perfect ornament for a Gothic follower.

Want to know a fascinating aspect of the black diamond? These are found in river beds and not in mines. Brazil and the Central African Republic produces the majority of these stones. Moreover, in Italy, this gemstone is recommended to couples on the verge of divorce to save their relationship. Really special and attractive, these gemstones have become the apple of the fashionista’s eye.

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Ring – A Beautiful And Precious Jewelry Forever

Wearing ornaments is a very old trend, but still in vogue throughout the world. We often watch people wearing a vast collection of jewelry around us. When someone talks about ornaments then suddenly women strikes in one’s mind because women are considered as a queen of the jewelry world. No doubt, women are the beautiful creation of the god and they look pretty even without any kind of ornaments. But, adornment adds spice to their natural beauty. They look more attractive and alluring after wearing tempting designer jewelries. The jewelry also helps to make the men admirable. Even, men are also fascinated by the most stylish adornments. They love to prefer different designer jewelries to look more handsome. The ornaments work efficiently to make a positive impression among all.

Well! All the adornments are very effective in order to groom up the personality of an individual. There is a number of ultimate jewelry available for men and women, whether it is about chains, earrings, bracelets or pendants. But, the attractive ring has maintained its unique and special position in the heart of many people.

The ring is the best jewelry for men as well as women. There are various auspicious occasions where adornments work in an effective manner like, anniversary party, birthday party, festival party, marriage party, etc. The marriage plays a vital role in one’s life. If I am not wrong then marriage is one of the best and memorial moments in one’s life, especially for a girl. She’s been dreaming of this unforgettable moment since she was a child. She thinks even about her bangles, clothing, footwear, jewelry, etc. The most precious ornament about which she thinks a lot is the wedding ring. She literally imagines about a sparkling diamond ring on her ring finger. It is considered that the ring finger has direct connection with the heart. It is believed that it improves the love life of the married couples in an efficient manner. This ornament attracts men too. In other words, they also like to wear such fashion jewelry very much. In fact, this stylish and designer ornament gives a standard look to the men.

There are various types of metals like, Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Titanium, etc., which can be used to design alluring ring. A silver or gold ring studded with precious gemstones looks more tempting and fashionable too. After all, each stone has its own importance; either we talk about Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz or Zircon. Many people like to wear the latest designer ring studded with different gemstones. Each gemstone has widely different properties. It is considered that wearing a gemstone ring according to the zodiac timeline is a sign of good fortune. It also provides healthy and wealthy lifestyle to an individual.

Types of Rings

Engagement: The engagement ring is one of the best ways to create a constant connection in between the two, whether they are physically together or not.

Wedding: The wedding ring is actually more than a ring for both women as well as for men. It is considered that it always reminds them about their unbreakable relation. This fashion accessory makes them feel the presence of each other, especially when they are alone.

Friendship: A friend is that special person to whom one can share everything. A ring makes the friendship of the two persons more pure and trustworthy.

Five Metals: This ring is the amalgam of five different kinds of metal, including, gold, silver, copper, tin and lead. It is believed that this metal accessory is very powerful and saves an individual from different mishaps.

Multi-finger: There are many kinds of ring and multi-finger ring is one of the most preferable among all. It is very famous because they are made for multiple fingers. It gives a stunning look to anybody from a fashion point of view.

Well! There are thousands of online shopping portals which offer a wide range of fashionable rings at reasonable cost. An individual can easily purchase different designer rings online, according to their choice by sitting at their home.

Seema Rawat is a skillful content writer. She likes reading as well as writing very much. She has been writing since last two years in different subjects. She has written many articles for Homeshop18 on different topics. Homeshop18 is one of the trustworthy e-shopping websites as it delivers a wide variety of quality and inexpensive wedding ring to the consumers.

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Gemstones & Types – Meaning, Benefits, Bearing and Healing Procedure of Gemstones

A gemstone is a piece of mineral which is crystallized; it is used to make different types of adornments and jewellery. They are a rather popular and scalable kind of precious stone and people like to wear them. Most gemstones, a lengthy collection of healing and magical powers are used to cure or help in the lives of people generally. They’re expensive and as a matter of fact only worn by a person if suggested by an astrologer. Astrology has many such traits, it is believed that every person born has a particular agenda already enlisted for his life. He will end up according to the agenda. This agenda is believed to have affected by the time, day and date of birth. Gemstones are thought to be beautiful, rare and long-lasting. In fact, they are also distinguished based on other kinds of parameters.

A gemstone is said to be a perfect gem if all four the C’s i.e. Cut, color, clarity and carat of the gem is according to the expectations. Speaking of gemstones, there are around about 200 types of gemstones but according to astrology, certain of those 200 are precious and hold an important place in gemology. Different gems have different effects on the person wearing it. Some gems bring calmness while some bring good luck while some start a healing procedure on the bearer. It all depends on your planetary system at the time of birth. Gemstones come in every color of the rainbow and are gathered from all around the world, with each precious gemstone having a unique creation of beautiful colors. Some gemstones have been treasured before history and some were only discovered recently.

Here is a brief explanation on the properties of the gemstones and its effects on the user or bearer:

Ruby: Ruby is one of the loved gemstone in the world of jewelry. It is traditional birth stone for people born in July. The factors affecting ruby is its color, cut, carat and clarity as for all the gemstones. Benefit of Ruby is that it reflects power and thus the bearer will experience confident. Also, it is said that ruby enhances decision making capability.

Natural Pearl: Natural pearls are exquisite, incredibly costly and typically petit. Therefore people have urbanized ways to culture pearls, so that these precious gemstones can be enjoyed by all. As per Vedic Astrology, Pearl is that precious gemstone that is used to enhance the power of Moon.

Red Coral: Coral bears the rather charming nick-name of “Sea’s Garden” partly because it was thought of as a plant. When you’re working with the energy of the ocean, this crystal blossoms and protects from evil influences. Red is considered as the most loved color but it also can be found in pink, white, yellow and black.

Emerald: The emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus. It was thought to preserve adoration. Emerald has long-ago been the symbol of hope. The emerald is said to bring the wearer reason and wisdom. The benefits of Emerald reward the bearer with success, calmness and many other things.

Yellow Sapphire: A Yellow sapphire is considerably sparkling and can give away different colors from different angles. It is mostly rules by Jupiter planet and it is believed that wearing a yellow sapphire is good for the success and also it’s extremely helpful in healing relationships.

White Sapphire: A very rarely found gemstone, white sapphire is said to be associated with Uranus planet. White sapphire benefits its bearer with luxuries and wealth. They’re white as in totally colorless and uniquely beautiful gemstones. It is mostly worn by businessmen and professionals on the small or middle finger.

Blue Sapphire: Blue sapphire is an excellent gem for Aquarius/ Capricorn Rashi. It is the lucky stone for the month of September. People in business, law, transport tend to wear this gemstone for various benefits of blue sapphire like success, confidence etc

Hessonite: The Hessonite is a Gemstone of the Grossularite Garnet Family having color shades of yellow, brown to reddish brown. This gemstone is the Gemstone of Planet Rahu as per Vedic Astrology. It is worn by an Aquarian and it is considered the birthstone of January month.

Cat’s Eye: The cat’s eye gemstone is a unique gem and its metaphysical powers and properties have always fascinated human beings. According to Vedic astrology, Cat’s eye is the gemstone of Planet Ketu or South Node of the Moon. It is a gemstone with intense planetary energies and shows effects quite fast.

So, these are some of the most known and important gemstones found. They are precious by nature and therefore rare and expensive. Some of these gemstones can be replaced with certain Uparatana or alternatives for the gemstone. These alternatives are available, but it is recommended that any purchase or bearing of these gems should be advised only by a professional astrologer as bearing any odd combination or wearing a gem on the wrong finger can cause malefic issues to the bearer. It’s simple, really, all you have to do is talk to a professional astrologer, buy the specific gem and find out the results for yourself.

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5 Types Of Jewelry You Can Wear As A Man

Decades ago, only women used to wear jewelry. This is no longer the case. As a man, there is plenty of jewelry in the market that you can go for. Some of the best units to consider are:


The most common rings that most men wear are wedding rings that come in many designs, colors and shapes. As a jewelry lover, you can wear other rings such as class, fraternal, decorative and championship rings. Most men wear one or two rings but experts recommend that you wear as many rings as you feel comfortable with.


Bracelets are of many types. There are functional, medical, cause-related and even decorative bracelets that you can go for. For a great look, go for bracelets that match your masculinity with class. When buying the units, go for those that are thicker than women bracelets. Popular styles that you can go for are: titanium, gold and a host of many others made from tough high-quality metals.


Necklaces are easy to wear as you can easily hide them under your clothing. To create a mystery around you, you should go for units that are unique. There is a lot of debate on the right number of necklaces that you can wear as a man and the right size that you should go for. Experts recommend that you wear a maximum of two necklaces. When it comes to length, you shouldn’t go for a necklace that is longer than 6-8 inches above your navel. To avoid appearing inappropriate be cautious of where you wear the necklace. As rule of thumb avoid wearing it in a business environment. In such a setting hide the necklace from view.


Watches are both functional and fashionable. When making the purchase, buy units that use the Roman numerals. For a manly look, go for watches with metal or leather bands.


Over the last 30 years, earrings have gained a lot of interest. While they appear normal in big cities, they are still frowned upon by many people living in small communities. The cool thing with wearing earrings is that you can remove them if need be.


There is no reason why you shouldn’t look trendy as a man. When buying jewelry, always go for a simple design. With simple designs, you look trendy and at the same time, you avoid attracting a lot of unwanted attention. As rule of thumb, buy from a reputable store.

We have plenty of rings for men such as Skull Rings and many others. We also have Skull Jewelry and other pieces that you can go for. Visit the given links to know more.

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Fascinated Jade Jewelry — the ‘oriental Green Gem’ in Eastern Culture

When you wear a jade jewelry, as long as you cherishes the true, the good and the beautiful things, the jewels adhered to your skin will understand your the sincerity and truth, I believe that good fortune, good health, happiness, welfare will always be around you. Emerald is one kind of jades, compared with brilliant and flashing diamonds, Chinese people have given more enthusiasms on the fine, sleek and colorful emeralds.

Jade, known as the “king of emerald” for its fresh & beautiful appearance and transparent texture, and featured with its gentle, crystal, modest and fine characters, people often use jade as a symbol of happy, reunion, harmony and beauty.

Jade is an extremely durable mineral, Jade in China is varied and can be divided into two categories: hard and soft jade. Good materials provide a strong basis for jade jewelry carving, but the value of a jade object depends on the skills and reputation of the craftsman, date of carving, peculiar modeling and the owner’s status. Certainly, different people will have various views on the value of the same jade object. It is difficult to have a unanimous standard.
The patterns of China’s jade jewelry have rich connotations, revealing strong, auspicious colors. The name of “Jade” has a very interesting origin: In general, stones in color of wine, maroon or ochre are called “emerald”, while in color of pea green and deep-green called “jade”. However, there has an another parlance: Legend has it that “Fei” is a birdie with red plumes, green jade is birdie with green feathers, so the merger of the two words refers specifically to a kind birdie who has cyan and brown feathers. As be assimilated as lovely and cute birdies, the beauty of jade is beyond of common speaking.

Not noly admired as its amorous but smooth color, bright but crystal luster, jade also been endowed with gracious noble characters. As an ancient saying goes: “The gentleman in the Derby-yu” If you wearing a clear green but solid quality jade jewelry, your gentlemanly style will open out naturally. Perhaps that is why people are inclined to carve and chisel their favorite jades aboratively, so as to present its delicate mettle and florid brilliance. In this way, One by one pieces of jade art were born.
As a wonderful work of Arts Academy, she emits limpid and fleckless flavor, she display you a world detached from our daily life, and make all restless hearts regained quietness. Her pure, transparent and smart characters make people enjoyed. Furthermore, the auspicious patterns carved in her body indicate the luck and happiness yet!

For thousands of years’ immersion with traditional oriental culture, its exquisite carving crafts, smooth and gentle lines and attractive changes, all reveals its refined beauty and elegant and royal temperaments, which charming much.

Get the Beautiful look and Save Money on Wholesale Silver Jewelry

The beauty of wearing silver has been popular since time immemorial. The metal has an amazing sheen that is just right for the traditional or modern look without appearing to be too flashy.

The variety of designs that can be made from silver makes it a wonderful metal for fashioning jewelry of all kinds. Wholesale silver jewelry has carried away the amazing feeling while buying jewelry made from this marvel metal.

Silver jewelry can be encouraged to be worn as rings, as necklaces or simple pendants. These look astounding with a match of corresponding jewelry that can be simply beautiful. Even stumpy necklaces in silver look very fabulous. Silver bracelets are unquestionably the best if you like to set off your new dress or merely to look capturing. There are several designs of silver bracelets and one encounters old-time designs with appeals. Silver rings also look beautiful and help to explode your hands and create you look lovely. Nowadays silver anklets are the passion and are being endured by a great deal of youngsters.

Online purchase makes silver jewelry buying more convenient:

As with almost everything else, one can buy the silver jewelry pieces online and go through the appliance of buying it from just about anywhere. One can even browse the details on our wholesale silver jewelry website and enjoy mythological offers. Our website usually offers the same pieces at a very reasonable cost due to the wholesale nature of our business.

Strict and periodic quality control measures are put in place. There is an assessment of the quality of every batch of product to ensure that the jewelry is of superior quality. The quality and the wide variety is the key point of the wholesale providers of the product which make them popular with retailers who are fond of the sterling jewelry.

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The wholesale silver jewelry items come in a diversity of designs and look beautiful with any dress. These jewelry can be bought online from our website at a very reasonable price. It is a successful way to affect your friends and neighbors at your next get-up.